anybody want to rate my dirty emails to my new AP?

first email

goodnight my sexy fuck friend. when i see you, i am going to pull off your clothes and pin back your hands while i suck on your nipples. i want you fully naked so i can run my tongue all over your hot body. i'm going to feast on your pussy and lap up your juice. i want you to get nice and wet so i get a good taste of your bodily fluids. i'm going to gently suck and flick your clit with my tongue and spend a good amount of time just eating your pussy. once your pussy is thoroughly sucked on, licked, lapped up, and fucked by my face, we are going to flip you around face down and put a pillow under your tummy . this is so your ass gets propped up nice and good. .i'll get into position and graze your tight asshole with my tongue. then another graze. then a lick. and more licks, deeper, stronger.

i'll keep licking your little button until it starts getting wet like your pussy. then i will fuck your ass with my tongue and alternate by flicking my tongue directly on your asshole. please make sure you have no shit up there, because i am going to bury my tongue as far as it can go. i'm going to suck on it too,so do your best to make sure you are shit free as possible. all this is going to happen before i start fucking your pussy. that can wait till tomorrows email though. would you like to know how your pussy is getting fucked on Friday?

good night sexy.

her response (she doesn't spell so good)

Ok i escaped to bathroom....cant over do it in here... Im feeling a burning sensation inside and im short of breath.....omg! Ok first, i barely ever shit....and if i do, its flowery. Lolll yea right. K its u thats asking for my ass hole so if u get shit, ur call loll. ok ok ok...i will be cleansing for this session....that should do it. Then once im done cleansing, i stick a water catheter up there with a little fem product that smells good and i add some acidopholus powder to prevent killing my goid flora. This should do it.....lights must be off bcz as much as u like to look.....remember this is all a lot for me already and the light off helps me loosen up and also enjoy u more.

my response I am looking at a private apartment in *** looks like we'll have plenty of privacy there so i can fuck your sweet pussy for hours. i want that pussy good and wet when i fuck it. i want your juice to stream down my shaft and on to my balls. this way i can hear that wet slap sound as my balls strike your taint and asshole.

o man. my cock is stiff for you again. you seem to have no problem making it stand erect at attention. it wants so much to be inside your sweet pussy and to fuck it for hours. after i am done pounding the shit out of that sweet pussy, i'm to spray my seed deep inside you. its really important for you to keep it up there as long as possible. cook dinner, be a good mom, and have your husband suck those creamy tits while my seminal fluid is stuck way up there. i am going to do my best to pop the load off right by your cervix opening so it goes into your womb. a few days later, when you are out doing something cute as couple it can dribble out of your fucked cunt and into your panties. i hope this happens this way, so you can be reminded of me with my cum dribbling out of your pussy lips.

now i start quoting her

Oh forgot to also mention.....u said how crazy is it that im so shy and anyone that knows me will never have imagined i have a dark side lolll. This is incredibly true!!!! U see how crazy the world is? Who would think i can be sooooo dirty!!!

I honestly can't believe what a fucking dirty little girl you are for me. I am going to reward you for this. I will do everything in my power to get your pussy to come all over my inserted shaft. If you've never come from cock penetration, it may take a while to get you there. the only thing we can do is fuck often. the better i get to know your beautiful bod, the more likely you are going to gush all over my cock.

I was feeling guilty after u fucked me.....i didnt tell u this. I felt guilty for the first time bcz u r AM man #2. I was feeling so low and ashamed and i questioned myself so much, "Why why why must u do this?" I was trying to convince myself that i cannot do this anymore but ur cock makes me completely powerless.

If you want my opinion, you should feel guilty for not going out your way to be fucked properly. Every woman deserves to be fucked thoroughly and often. Don't feel guilty ***. Just continue to accept my cock into your body. I want to fuck all your holes, including your mouth. i can't wait to grab your pretty head and bob it up and down on my cock.

Ur words....ur emails.....ur passion remindsxme why i want to be such a bad bsd girl loll So, here i am, allowing my hidden dark side to take over as the majic force of ur cock pulls me like a gravitational force i cannot control.

I am so glad i have that affect on you. It means we are going to have an amazing time together. I can't wait to get behind you and fuck doggy style. grab those hips nice and tight so i can smash against those wet pussy lips. when i pull my shaft out i can't wait to watch your pussy lips hungrily grip it. i want to see my cock glistening covered your cunt juice. then you can clean it off with your mouth and suck out any cum that's left behind. ok, baby. i will write you some more later. have a great day with your family.

don't feel guilty. you deserve to be fucked properly.

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