Ive had no luck with women my whole life. Ive asked humbly for help but nothing has worked. TRP has given me some hope and motivation, but its not enough. Im still where I was when I came here looking for answers.

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 I am a 23 (about to 24) year old male and I have no track record with women. I dont know why. Ive been trying to figure it out for a while and I still have no luck. I was this guy that used to hate himself ALOT for not being able to get women to even look at me. I was severely depressed and desperate for answers. 
 It was around four years ago that I felt this way, no college degree, dead end job, and of course balding severely. I got out of this mode by just pep-talking the shit out of myself and doing motivational speaking to myself among various other things like reading self-improvement stuff and skill building and social activities because every where I look the mantra seemed to be that if I have problems with my love life that I need to start by fixing myself and to make sure women and relationships were the last thing on my mind. And I did this, rather successfully. 
 Of course, its not like I went the last four years without thinking about women or without feeling lonely or unsatisfied. I had my moments but they werent affecting me like before. And its not like Im nerdy, socially awkward, or anything. I used to play sports in all the schools I went to, rather popular in all the schools I went to(which is no easy feat considering I went to one of the largest public high schools in NYC). I am not a nerd, but I am definitely intelligent and I am known as of those guys who can be best friends with a nerd and a jock in the same breath. I am definitely an extrovert and have been described as having charisma and integrity and all sorts of excellent soft skills. 
 Fast forward to now, where I have an Associates degree, a job with mobility, and the most beautiful shaved head only second to Lex Luthor himself. I have always had LOTS of friends and supporters and people who genuinely like me and care about me from all different walks of life and backgrounds. I go out to social events, bars, clubs (was a dancer when I was young so I got some sick moves), outings and many types of gatherings. The reason why I mention this is because Ive tried every remedy possible to change my luck with women. I have no fear in approaching a woman, talking to them, stirring up conversation with them that lasts, getting a phone number even. And thats about as far as Ive been able to get. 
 Please understand my frustrations. Ive tried it all, asked my friends for help and advice and everything. Im stocky in body composition, not fat. Im not ugly, but I aint Clooney. On physical attractiveness, Im like a 6/10. I am Indian by descent, but Ive been born and raised in Brooklyn ans Staten Island so Im about as New York as it gets. Im 5'7" so not tall obviously. But none of this matters because everything I done so far has proven fruitless. I can only go so long keeping up my mental toughness to get through this, whatever this is. Enough rejection puts you in a state of dejection and I am doing my very best to avoid it. 
 Ive even moved from New York a few months ago in attempt to see if my problem was me or my beloved city. Its come to this point where I need the world to crowdsource a solution to this problem (Is it even a problem?). Ive always been respectful to women and even the stuff I learn on TRP I do not always apply a 100% because some of their views are extreme, but never the less can be extremely helpful. I love myself very much, and I believe I am a catch. 
 But if no one sees me that way, am I really catch? I work very hard at the things I do and I manage to reap the rewards when I apply myself. But this problem in this area of my life has managed to wear down a good chunk of that fortitude. I literally dont know what else to do. Ive tried very hard to stay away from the PUA stuff because God forbid any of that stuff worked for me, I would absolutely lose my respect for women. And at this point Im hoping to God I find a woman before I become wealthy or successful, because if I managed to start doing well with women after that point in my life, I could never trust a woman ever and in turn still lose my respect for them because I know for sure they wanted nothing to do with me when I was Joe Schmoe. Can you guys help me? And please stay away from the motivational speech and stuff, I do enough of that to myself for all of us. 

Thank You

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