Anyone miss nate being smart and a historian in season 2? He was able to figure out that oliver is the green arrow and he was also a little a bit more serious back then in season 2.

I think another problem with Tarazi is how she doesn’t really pay attention to her family. I feel her family is dismissive towards her because she put so much attention to her career but was neglectful towards them in the process. I don’t like her mom calling her shallow and self-absorbed to a friend but I think that only happened because she didn’t give her parents adequate affection and attention. No one told her to keep catering to her fans’ tastes and completely ignore her family in the process. She could have balanced a healthy family life and successful career simultaneously but never did that. So in this regard, my sympathy is limited.

On one hand, Behrad had such warm interactions when he stepped inside the house with hugs from his parents and what not. On the other hand, Zari first came in, totally absorbed in a social media video putting on an artificial persona. When she says “Family is everything”, it doesn’t take much to figure out that that is also part of a manufactured persona to cater to the masses. She pulled Behrad into the video for a selfie but immediately afterward questioned why he was even there. And she said she considered her management team her extended family but did even one of them check up on her to see if she was alright after she jumped into that fountain? She prioritized pleasing the wrong people imo

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