Racist Kevin has a problem with interracial relationships, gets laughed at

Jesus fucking Christ dude, what is it with you guys on this sub? This is literally a video of racism against a black guy, that’s it, and you feel the need to use it as an opportunity to talk about how black people suck these days?

You don’t know the guy in this video or if he even ended up as one of those “abusers,” right? So why say this? Seriously, what’s your logic? Why bunch him in with the ones you see as bad in the first place? Do you seriously think they’re all just the same? Black people function as a unit and when they’re bad, they’re all bad? Tf is that? You can’t comprehend that they’re each individual human beings that just happen to have different color skin?

I hope you realize that you just commented on a video of a white guy being racist to a black guy by saying “yeah well too bad they DO kinda suck, amirite?”

You ignorant fucking moron

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