Legends of Tomorrow - 4x16 "Hey, World!" - Live Episode Discussion

Honestly thinking more about the Finale it wasn't the best out there, Last season's finale was better I'd say.

Legends has been focusing way too much on Magic and the Supernatural and that's coming from someone who absolutely adores Constantine, I think the character has so much potential for Stories and a Show but he just doesn't fit on Legends all that much.

I very much prefer how they did it in Season 3 where he would show up once in awhile to deal with a Supernatural threat, I think if they want to keep Constantine on Legends just have it to where Legends do their usual time travel shenanigans and once or twice a season they just so happen to bump into a Supernatural threat, Constantine comes in to kick it's ass and then leaves.

That or they should just give him back his own show for god's sake he deserves it. So either of those two work in my opinion though I would also love it if they found a way to have Constantine in the show without it becoming "Constantine 2 featuring the Legends" have him be apart of the main cast but don't make him the primary focus of the show.

Like have him on the waverider and just have him do his own thing kinda like how Mick just does his own thing and comes in to help beat whatever antagonist they're up against.

All in All I just think making Constantine the focus of the show kinda drags it's humor and craziness down with him and that's not what Legends should be, It should be a balls to the walls wild and crazy yet serious when it needs to be show.

Just give him something to do without making him a focus of the show like in Season 3, Put him into a Supporting role instead of a main focus or just give him his own show already.


Another problem I think Legends is starting to have is that there's too many characters, There's like 11 characters on the show which is starting to get a problem when you want to focus on all these characters but you don't have enough time so it's just wumbo jumbo and a mish-mash of this and that, I wouldn't say Legends is that bad but you've seen what it can do to Shows like The Flash and Arrow where we have too many main characters.

I don't want to see Legends go through that and the final shot of the season goes to show how many characters there are: Sara, Nate, Charlie, Mona, Gary, Ray, Constantine, Mick, Ava, Nora, Etc. There reaches a point that there's just too many characters and that's a problem.

They tried to fix the problem with Sending Zari off and that's just bullocks and the way they did it was pretty bad, Zari was a favorite among the Characters and for them to send her off like that is just kinda wrong, It's not a very good choice. They really replaced Zari with her Brother and that's kinda wack sure there should've been repercussions to Zari getting out of the Waverider but I don't really think this is the way to do it she has had a character arc over the past two years and for it to be thrown away for Nate to rehash his story arc of finding love is just a bad move over all.

I would've preferred to see someone like Gary, Mona or/and even Charlie/Constantine or Nate to get written off, I love Charlie, Nate and especially Constantine but Nate kinda keeps rehashing his relationship drama so killing him off to save Ray would've probably been for the best. Constantine could've been written off to get his own show dealing with Whatever scheme Astra has planned and Charlie could've just become the CEO of HeyWorld.

I just don't feel like they did a good job with the whole Zari getting written off thing, I would've preferred to see them do something other than that.

They do need to write off Characters but I think writing off Zari and especially writing her off in that way is a big mistake though they can always write off Characters during COIE.

I would've honestly done this with the team instead:

Sara: Survives

Ava: Survives but is the leader of the Time Bureau only to appear 1-5 times a Season

Ray: Survives

Nora: Survives and reverts to her original self becoming apart of the Legends team

Gary: Survives but goes with Ava and gets promoted to Director to be written off

Mona: Survives but goes on to be apart of HeyWorld to be written off

Charlie: Survives and becomes the Leader of HeyWorld to be Written off

Mick: Survives

Nate: Survives

Zari: Survives

Constantine: Survives to be apart of the team but not a focus/Survives to get his own show

So that would bump us down from 11 to 6-7 characters and I think that amount of Characters is great, Enough to get some development for every character but not too much in order to be cluttered.

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