Anyone want to poke holes in this or discuss?

It might not be a topic on that subreddit - I was referring to the people posting here. Let's just look at the top comment chain. The first person said "it doesn't work like that" - not SuperStonker. Same with the person asking for an eli5. And DontTrustJack. lllGreyfoxlll and DillyDallyin are cryptocurrency ('satoshistreetbets' and 'dogegoin'), though that is consistent with them being rather new to the stock market.

What about the other 15-20 comments?

The OP literally self-posted a screenshot of their comment for this post.

UbbeStarborn is all SuperStonk/GME

WRL23 is WallStreetBetsELITE and WallStreetBetsNew and amcstock

Bluitor is SuperStonk enthusiast

SinCityWinner is mega into SuperStonk

The rest are from WallStreetBets. I may have missed some. The most prolific commentors making like 10 replies here are superstonkers.

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