Apple reveals new AirPods Pro, available October 30

What the hell? Lol.

The Sony’s have amazing sound quality, much longer battery life, and uses metallic parts, oh and actually has colors. Did I mention they sound amazing?

I don’t really see any mention of their drivers or actual chance in SQ for AirPod pro. So, I question how it’ll sound. But to say Sony’s 1000xm3 only has ANC over this is laughable. Their ANC is best in class, and SQ is among the best. Let’s wait till this comes out to claim it’s better.

Lastly, I like how you’re using bullshit price gouged prices for theSonys and not even the correct msrp for AirPods. FYI, AirPods are $329 whereas the Sony’s are $299. In the US Sony’s are $229 and AirPods are $249.

I know you love Apple,but let’s not just say crazy shit.

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