Are any of these atheist arguments true?

Probably not, no.

Name one person who met Jesus, spoke to him, saw him or heard him who wrote about the event, has a name and is documented outside of the bible (or any other gospels).

Jesus. John. Paul. Peter. Pontius Pilate. Caiaphus. Annas.

Why didn't Philo of Alexandria write about Jesus or Christianity?

I guess he didn't feel like it.

How do you know all other gods except Yahweh are false?

Because they are created things that can be born, can die, can grow wise, and that are unlimited in power. Even if they exist, they aren't deity, not anymore than I am.

How do you counter Eric, the god eating magic penguin?

That it's a stupid argument made by people who don't understand what they're talking about.

Is it fair that Jesus died on the cross so that Hitler could go to heaven and Anne Frank would go to hell?

I am very confident in stating that Hitler is in Hell, and will remain therein. Anne Frank, only God alone knows her fate. And no, it isn't fair; its mercy.

Why didn't Paul write a gospel?

I guess he didn't feel like it, or didn't have time. Or maybe he did write one, but all the copies were destroyed in the constant Roman purgings of Christian books. Or he stared to, but stopped. Who knows? Paul knows, and so does God. His companion Luke did write a Gospel. And we have no dearth of Gospels. I think four is plenty.

Why didn't Jesus write anything at all?

I'm sure he wrote some things. He was literate, so he had to be able to write. God alone knows why he didn't write a book of the Bible.

Why do so few Christians emulate the example of Fred Rogers?

Because he's a heretic and a terrible person.

How do you determine if what someone is telling you comes from genuine religious experience or if they are simply delusional? How do you prevent your personal biases from affecting your judgement of this?

If the person is reporting a real experience and not just lying to you, then you would compare it to Scripture. If it is personal in nature and in accord with Scripture, then I'd probably give them the benefit of the doubt.

What is an example of religion being wrong about something, anything, and religion (and not science) finding this out? What is the proof that religion is correct now?

I can't think of any, really. Why do I need to?

If the Latter Day Saints are wrong, what is the proof? Why are Joseph Smith's visions and revelations false but the anonymous ones of the bible are not? And what about Scientology?

Look into the Strangite branch. If any branch of Mormonism is right, then I think that is the right one. It's also considered heretical by 99% of Mormons.

What happens when different people pray to different gods for something only one of them can get'

I don't understand this. There is only one God. Praying to different gods gets you nothing.

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