It's time for Christians to stop blindly supporting the israeli-apartheid state

You phrasing of this subject here does raise suspicions. You are making a what is a geopolitical conflict into a holy war and I will fight against that. You might feel a kinship with the Christians in the Middle East and you even might be of the branch, in which case you can ignore this.

But if you are not, you should learn your own history. Christians were the biggest killers of Christians. The very idea of any kind of reconciliation is a very new idea in the old history of Christianity. Moreover, I have seen Western Christians use the persecution of Middle Eastern Christians as tool to create an equivalent to the perceived “persecution” that Western Christians think they are dealing with.

If you want to protest Israel, do it as a humanitarian. If you bring religion into this, you must realize this will hurt more than the racist ultra-Orthodox Israelis that do deserve condemnation.

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