You are just offered a six-figure salary, full benefits, company car, free housing, and lots of paid vacation. Your job: executioner. Do you take the position or not? Why?

Sure but I'd need the following:

To avoid it taking up too much of my time I'd hirer people on the companies wage until I suspend them in the tank at which point I'd just leave them there for a while.

For a car I'd probably like a custom Mercedes with enough space in the trunk for a body and a back up moderately cheap one and reliable car.

I'd need most of my torture equipment paid for but I'd be happy to put whatever I needed to put too. Mostly I'd just need the basment type thing paying for and a massive fish tank where I can keep multiple paraplegics suspended at a time(I've made them disabled, they didn't come like that).

I'd like immunity from being charged with desecrating a corpse and a badge. Definitely a badge in one of those flip cases. Like the three letter agencies have.

A reasonable budget for things like the subjects concrete and food mix.

I'd also need a medical team(not on permanently but one that I can call up pretty much any time. Just to keep the guy alive.) and some medical training.

As for the method the main one for say a child molester would probably be; tie the person to a table. Medically remove their limbs. Remove their penis and testicles (or breasts/labia/clit). Remove their prostate. Now what we do is rape them with a very long sword Repeatedly. Heat the sword up. Do the same. Peel of small sections of skin at a time and wash them with a solution of salt, lemon juice and vinegar. Then knock all the teeth out one by one with a small toffee hammer. Cut their tongue out. Make them disabled/induce locked-in syndrome if possible. Finally show them a video of you killing their loved ones. (The video is faked but they don't know that) and play it on repeat for days. After a month of watching the video, remove one eye. Give them a google glass with the video on repeat. Carry on peeling skin. Finally after years of this we remove the other eye and deafen them. Next we set them on fire but don't let them die. Next we give them an oxygen mask and we keep them suspended in a mix of chemicals in a fish tank with a food pipe going directly into their stomach. For the rest of their life. If I get bored I'll out right beat them to death after a few years. Or set some kind of carnivorous fish off in the tank(if they can live in the chemicals that is)

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