Deflation-gate explained, Brady exonerated.

How stupid I am, huh? That's hilarious that youve stooped to name-calling on reddit, tough guy.. I think playing football for several years would give me a little insight into this, truthfully. While I admit that I've never played pro ball, I think anybody who played QB in a colder climate will admit that they'd love to have a softer ball. Its just plain easier to grip. I think you're forgetting that Brady himself in a 2011 interview commented on how he prefers a slightly underinflated ball. The NFL hasn't found evidence of tampering yet because, well, it's going to take a flat-out confession for tampering. And yes, the Patriots DO have a reputation for trying to gain an unfair advantage. Spygate, they broke the fucking rules, pay the piper. I don't care how minor you think it is, if you play a sport, play by the rules in place, or be labeled a cheater. It doesnt take a genius to understand how a compressed gas works, but MY point was this: I played in harsh weather, SEVERAL times, and I personally have never seen this happen. I have had a ball deflated to about 8 psi after a seam was blown out. Now, I do wonder, are there differing properties for the compressed gas in a differently shaped container. I'll be the first to admit I'm not a fucking physicist LOL. I think most of you defending the Pats are shoving aside some of the first-hand accounts of either paying to have balls deflated or preferring underinflated balls. It's not a huge difference, but still a difference. Personally I could care less that my opinion isnt taken seriously, but if we're considering the "realm of possibility" here, I think it should be included. Also, calling me stupid? I think you're taking this a little too personally. You are also showing your stupidity by asking about hits to the head..have you watched football before? Maybe you're confused as to what the purpose for the helmets are..cmon, man. Getting a little over-zealous with it.

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