Recommendation for a face moisturizer?

  1. Don't use body lotions on face. Not good.

  2. Looking at your comments, u said u have sensitive combination skin. Also I am assuming you are looking for moisturizer for winters. And since I don't know the budget, sharing few under ₹500.

Ponds super light gel,

Ponds light moisturizer (you can also get the 10 ruppea tube from local stores and see whether this suits you or not),

Re'equil oil free,

Lakme peach milk,

Derma co ceramide,

Simple light moisturizer,

Loreal hydra fresh,


Taiyu silk,




  1. IMO, beard oils are so costly and they comes in so little amount. Most of their common ingredients are almond oil, castor oil, fragrance, mineral oil. So you can use almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil of your choice or can also mixed them all accordingly.

  2. I am hoping you wash your face with a face wash/ cleanser and not the body soap or body wash. If yes, please don't.

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