Are the monsters that schizophrenics see part of the astral?

as far as delusions against medical professionals. I have never once had a psychiatrist whom genuinely cared or had concern with my life, and I’ve met with dozens. a lot of these physicians are just in it for the money and their patients are an opportunity to try out a new treatment modality or drug. I’ve found therapists to be more compassionate, but out of dozens i’ve encountered, I would only say one really helped me heal.
By the age of 16 I had been medicated on over 30 different drugs from anti depressants to anti psychotics. some of the hardest with the most deadly side effects, including suicide and psychosis as a known side effect. these drugs made me psychotic, lose hair, gain over 100 lbs, lactate. I had suicide attempts that were literally a result of illegal maneuvers by psychiatrists and gross negligence. Meds are amazing technology that help many. However I was treated like a guinea pig for whatever drug they wanted to try out when I really needed a healthy home life and a consistent therapist to work thru trauma.

I was only to unstable to make choices for myself because of being constantly gaslit and mishandled by those supposed to provide healing.

If someone told me they had the idea that their psych team was conspiring against them, I would believe them based on my experiences. Especially with the way I saw less capable and more unstable patients be treated in hospitals. They were abused the worst and obviously no one believed them or helped them. Even worse if they were ethnic, poor, disabled and especially if they were in foster care or ward of state. sickening and real.

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