Arrests Made in Road Rage Shooting of 6-Year-Old Boy on 55 Freeway in Orange

Not even just road rage! Like, a year ago (pre-pandemic), I went to the grocery with my mom. It was pretty packed. We picked what we thought was the shortest line at the checkout. Unbeknownst to us, this woman was apparently already in line, but was still browsing stuff and left a huge gap so that we didn't even notice her. And she went ballistic!!! She started shoving our cart, yelling and making a huge scene, even after we apologized and let her go in front of us.

After she paid, and the cashier started helping us, she refused to leave and was STILL yelling at us! I asked her if she really should be behaving like that in front of her little kid, who is standing to the side, looking completely dumbfounded. She screamed, YES!! SHE'S SHOWING HIM THAT YOU DON'T LET PEOPLE PUSH YOUR AROUND!!!

She then followed us out the store, screaming the whole time that we better never come back to that store again!!

And she was a tiny person. I could have knocked her senseless with one slap. I told my mom if she's ever in a situation like that without me, just get away from the person.

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