[The Athletic] The Kings are exploring various win-now moves with No. 9. They’re also looking at trading Bagley’s $11M salary to end up with enough cap room to re-sign Holmes. One of the angles on a rumored Hield-Kuzma trade is that it could open similar cap room doors.

“but I think they really undervalue the impact of a winning culture”

This mentality is awful & one of the most self destructive. It sounds good on the surface & in theory but in practice it’s usually what keeps bad teams bad. Look at half the awful moves in hindsight & they’re being made with that same “Winning Culture” argument. I’m a Bulls fan & have heard it every year since we started tanking, notice how we’re still bad.

Just off the top of my head, these are horrible moves (Mostly from my own team) made using that mentality:

  1. Rondo & Dwade year that went nowhere but was supposed to keep a “Winning Culture” until the next big FA

  2. Signing Jabari over taking bad contracts and getting picks

  3. Refusing to trade Niko until he solidly messed up our tank.

  4. Batum/Lance contracts for Charlotte

  5. Spurs & Derozan

  6. Otto Porter jr. trade

  7. KG/Pierce Nets

  8. Knicks literally every year, signing whatever FA’s they can

  9. Wolves trading for Butler


9/10 you hear someone say to do something with one of the benefits being “Creating/maintaining a winning culture” they’re about to make a bad long-term move & are trying to fool themselves into thinking it’s not.

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