B4R, Since I’m Suddenly A Homeless Expat

But maybe there is also some truth in that kinda trap. The geographical distance doesnt only lulls you in false promises but really offers you the chance for a new beginning even it's not an easy one.

I also know such kind of romantized feelings to leave somewhere else to let things behind especially when I had a girlfriend abroad. There are some things I dont want to write here but be sure I feel with you! Thought I finally dealt with my depression when I started to study. Was also a kinda restart as there was an own place new friends and so on.

But after some time manmade events brought me to a point losing my perspective again. During these events I also lost my home cause somebody set the dorm on fire. Luckily I had the opportunity to get back to my parents home for some time.

The positive thing is I needed some more time to recover but without that I wouldnt have get to now my lovely girlfriend :) She is the first one I moved together with and it works totally fine for us. Things are on a good way again.

Would say with 27 you still have the opportunity to work on all the issues which stand between you and a satisfying life. Like I said you at least have English as your native language which is much more useful than any other. After getting the visa there are are got chances to get a job as basic for a new life. It takes some time but you'll build your own place and family then.

It's easy said but maybe those ppl havent been the friends you deserve. You'll find right ones which are going to be your family. Do you have any hobbies aside Eve?

Also thought about couchsurfing or alternative housing projects to pass some time?

btw just read this some days ago:


The die is not yet cast ;)

Sry for being slow and possible mistake but my brain already went to sleeping mode.

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