Baby boomer & Gen X'ers, do you ever feel like you were born at the perfect time?

Not to mention every one I meet between the ages of 40-73 are so interesting, wise and have lots of personality.

that's because many at that point figured out who they are and what they want. they're wise due to life experience. i'm 35 and i'm seeing this trend among myself and my peers.

when i was younger i wished i was born in the 50's because i was a big fan of psychedelic music and wanted to be ~16/17 years old in 1968 (summer of love, woodstock). later, i really got into grunge, but that scene was pretty much over when i became a fan.

now, i'm focusing on living in the present. i'm happy where i am... no matter how bad the music scene is here. so while technology is great and all, that's not the reason why i'd want to be older.

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