Bassnectar - Bass Head (2010)

Listen I have a ton of respect for the dude but he is not truthful about everything he does. No one that makes that much money drive a Toyota Camry, let alone ever even drives at all anymore. Not that I have an issue with having a driver but no one believes that someone who is a multi-millionaire is driving a Camry. It is a stupid lie that there is no reason for other than to try to deceivingly connect with your fanbase.

The other issue is what you brought up about his sets. He used to only play 1 show per week, maybe less, because he talked about how much time it took him to build his sets. Now he plays 200+ shows a year. I'm sorry to smash everyone's dreams, but he is not building his own sets anymore. Someone has a full-time gig doing that for him.

Additionally, he is so overprotective of his live material it is stupid. Every other single DJ / live performer in the world is proud to show off their live setup and how they operate it. They revel in people trying to figure out what IDs and tracks they played. Look at the Prydz fanbase. Nectar, on the other hand, shits on his fans for trying to do this and refuses to ever share even a fraction of what he does onstage, besides just bang his fucking head the entire time. Reality is, he is not doing nearly as much on stage as he has lead everyone to believe. Not saying that he never did, but in order to play 4-5 nights a week all over the world, you are simplifying your performance a lot. That is a fact, unless he is just playing a DJ set. There is not enough time in the world for one guy to do what he claims he is doing, and it is disingenuous to lead people to believe otherwise. On top of that he is a dick about it. It's great that he made it big. It bothers the living shit out of me that he acts like he is above it all and is a god among mortals when it comes to live performance. I am happy he made it, dude put in work for like over a decade to break into the scene. But he is a superstar, and deeply entrenched in the EDM scene. Be honest with everyone and embrace it, that is all.

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