Christians promoting Anti-Dashain campaign got beaten up by locals in Nepalgunj.

you do realize you're the Hindu version of these christian protesters. Who started it? I mean if they wouldn't have protested it there won't be any Hindu version and while i agree that declaring Hindu rashtra in early can screw things up but how exactly are you going to defend.

Look at our aarey protest there are clear signs that the church, ngo are playing a big role in protests stopping the development. Remember that john guy who went to convert the sentilese tribe they openly said they're missionaries. They're being funded clearly. Demographic changes can't be seen this early. While i overall agree with what you say.

IMHO. All I'm saying is that Hindu rashtra would just mean this is a country that belongs to Hindu that's it. No removal of any other religion period. Hindus are safe period. You genuinely think christian countries would agree making themselves secular as yours? Do you agree with me on that?

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