Been listening to Bill’s pod occasionally for the past couple of years but consistently since February. I really enjoy most of his pods and he’s made me an even bigger fan of the NBA. But it does bother me that’s he’ll take these low blows at The Jump or the ESPN Finals broadcast occasionally.

He takes shots because he calls it like it is. It’s not just the jump he shits on and at this point I don’t think it has anything to do with him having an issue with espn. After he left espn he said in an interview he’d do exactly what he’s doing. Take espn talent and bring them to the ringer, and he’s got so much influence at espn still because of relationships and the fact that he’s one of the few (and probably most successful) espn guys that left and has had success on his own. To the point where he’s done PTI, and has Mina kimes doing podcasts on his network, as well as russillo, Zach Lowe as a guest multiple times...not to mention the exposure from the jimmy kimmel show. He’s got serious influence.

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