Beginner here looking for advice and general tips.

I want to go on record about something. About pretty female streamers who receive $1000+ donations, cry, and act so grateful that someone could be so generous to donate that much money because they "really enjoy the entertainment you provide".

That's bullshit and you know it's bullshit. You damn well why he donated a thousand bucks to you. It's because he's in love with you, and lacks the confidence and/or social skills to ever approach someone in real life. And you cry, and act as if they're "super nice" and " a really good friend", trapping these poor suckers in their unhealthy delusional obsessions so you can exploit their awkwardness for monetary gain. Deep down in the back of your mind, you know damn well this is true. But you play along, feign ignorance to it, because... cha ching. When in reality, these guys prone to unhealthy delusional obsessions with you would seriously creep you out in real life.

Because you're streaming a video game you manage to convince yourself that somehow what you're doing is noble. But if you take a look at the essence of it all, you see it for what it is. It's prostitution. Sure, you're not selling your body. And sure, you show a little more tact than other female streamers who are just honest about what they do. But underneath it all, the very essence and fraudulent nature between the two professions is clear as day. The acts are different, but the idea behind the two acts runs many parallels. And you know it.

And no, it's not fucking misogynistic because you're a girl and this doesn't ring true for men. It does, just not to the same degree. Awkward and pathetic men prone to fantasize in these unhealthy obsessions are much, much more common than their female counterparts. It's just the reality of the situation.

That is not to say I am inherently against the essence of prostitution. A woman should be free to do with her body whatever she wishes without judgement. And while this sounds judgmental, it's not. This is just about honesty, and accepting what you're doing. Not saying I'm inherently against it.

All those titty streamers you see? They're not whores. They're not immoral. They're just honest. They know what this is, and they accept it. Embrace it even. So you can show all the tact in the world, but it doesn't change the truth of it all.

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