Why is being smart so frowned upon?

I'm 51 years old, and I was tested (professionally, as opposed to taking self online tests) IQ 156 when I was a kid, and as an adult I learned (now from self online tests) I'm probably in the Asperger's spectrum. Maybe you are too. It took me quite some time to learn how to really "get" people, and you don't seem to "get" it either, so here's some information for you:

1 - People don't like to hear you bragging about your gift. It's not just because of intelligence. Think about it: How stupid does it sound if one goes around saying "I can punch harder than 99% of other people", "I make more money than anyone in this room", "My dick is 15 inches long". Got the point? It may be a fact, but it is considered rude, and it doesn't help with interpersonal relationships. Unless you only want to relate with completely insensible people (which is not the same as intelligent people).

2 - Rational intelligence is indeed a powerful gift, but it's not everything (no, I don't really buy the Emotional intelligence supremacy, as someone with enough Rational intelligence can learn to emulate it - I did, but the opposite is not true: I learned to precisely read facial and body language, then to emulate them, and also to chess-like think ahead of all possible people's reactions in an interaction. I can be the light of the party if I want, and I was always invincible in my job interviews and dynamics - HR "emotional geniuses" are so predictable and easy to manipulate... An "Emotional Intelligent" but low IQ cannot emulate deep physics understanding, for example. And emulating EI with IQ works perfectly as far as work relationships, but won't take you far in real personal relationships, such as building a family But you can't emulate physical strength or a 15 inch dick either. But I digress. The point is: IQ and EI (and physical strength, and dick length) are useful for different things

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