Ben Shapiro storms out of BBC UK interview: ‘I’m popular and no one’s ever heard of you’ Shapiro snapped at the BBC interviewer


same thing happened to me. i can't tell you how many times i've heard, 'omg, you have an iq of 195, you're so lucky,' or, 'you literally have an 8-pack, a face that reflects the golden ratio, a penis that changes shape to perfectly satisfy whatever vagina it's in, and the stamina of tantric-Sting--there are no obstacles for you,' or, 'you don't even need to study--you have 100% recall and the aesthetic sensibilities of Byron, Rilke and Van Gogh combined.' Hearing this every day from dozens of 11/10 women with 'lady-in-the-streets-freak-in-the-sheets' personas caused me to become complacent when i graduated high school. as a result, i only made eight-figures in 2018 as an 18-year-old. thankfully i wised-up in 2019 and i'm on pace to crack a billion before November.

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