Bank of England economist says people need to accept they are poorer

My first technical job was as Tier 1 phone support for a US company. We were a contracting company in Canada. I believe the on-site IT personnel were also part of our company, but obviously they were hands on.

When I started working there I was a day-shift employee who did a (mostly) morning shift, then took off to uni for the afternoon. I got familiar with the SLAs and all that working of the job. I was probably on that shift for about 12 months when I got a new class schedule that wouldn't let me flex my hours like that and told management. I got moved to evening shift.

When I worked days having our support inbox above 20 messages was chaos. It was unspeakable for that many support requests to go unanswered and pile up. We told management we needed more staff, and while they did hire a guy here or there the usual call-center turnover caused us to be in a constant loop of training new hires and being understaffed.

The first day working the evening shift I showed up and the inbox was at 140 messages unanswered. Turns out, I did a lot for them on the day shift. The moment I left they crumbled under the workload. SLAs were constantly missed. Service was deteriorating and penalties were starting to pile up. So what do they do? Hire more staff? No. Offer benefits to retain workers? No. They offshored everything that wasn't Tier1 to India to cut costs. We were given explicit instruction to never let the US company know about this. Since all communication with the client came through our department it was masked who did the actual work.

When I left they apparently lasted 3 months before the contract was lost. I still laugh at the incompetence of management looking back almost 20 years ago now. At least I met my wife on that job so I got something out of it.

There's a whole extra story around the time I quit. I left because I was getting a coop job as a student doing R&D work for a better company. Around the time I was leaving we discovered that the company was shorting all evening-shift workers on their paycheques for months or years. Along with myself leaving the other super competent night worker left because they owed him thousands and instead of owning up to that mistake they burned the bridge and he quit.

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