Poland declares threat to electricity supply due to too much renewable energy

This sounds the opinion of someone who reads pop-science articles instead of someone who works on lithium ion battery technology or energy grids to me.

Where can I buy these shipping container batteries? How much does it cost for 72 gigawatt-hours of energy storage? What's the depreciation of this capital? What are the maintenance costs and issues? How do these shipping container batteries deal with degradation from dendrites that plague Li-Ion tech that makes it fine for consumer electronics and crap for grid level storage (or even cars right now?) How do you address the lithium supply issue without new mines?

This stuff takes work. If you can't buy it today it might as well not exist because that means we have to engineer it and build it. You can say "We can just do bla..." but I find that most of the time people that say that aren't engineers nor do they have any idea how much time or capital it costs to do that thing.

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