Italian minister sparks fury for saying immigration leads to 'ethnic replacement'

So let’s get some facts straight. Turks were “invited” by the german government and had to take tests etc. in order to immigrate back in 70s. (Unlike all your other examples where it’s mostly illegal immigration or immigration fraud.) Unlickly for Germany, their new work force didn’t assimilate as expected. Whose to blame tho, they got the bottom of the barrel. In most cases, people who’d be looked down upon in most social circles back in the day due to them being uncouth and ignorant even in Turkey’s standards. Also, sadly host country did little to no homework about the blue collar class they imported. Today, 3rd generation of these immigrants somewhat adapted (do much better than their grandparents) yet still struggle in both countries. In Turkey , their lack of manners and in Germany, historical animosity and its impact on their upbringing marks them as an unwanted group.

Now that we got that cleared, let’s flip the coin. Ironically, the number one country suffering from the concept mentioned is Turkey. Unofficial numbers are about 8 million (majority being Syrians, Afghanis and Pakis). Now that’s almost 10% of their population. Their entire culture, demography will be reset in 2 generations due to drastic difference in birth rates between the new comers and locals. Once a beacon of hope as the only potential developed secular muslim majority country, is now written off and left to rot in the Middle East with the rest.

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