German general calls for F-16 jets to be promptly given to Ukraine

That’s not how nukes work… you might want to look up Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The cities were rebuilt directly after the war ended and people were living in the inner cities two years after the bombs went off.

Thats actually more or less exactly how nukes work lol.

The only reason why Nagasaki and Hiroshima weren't turned into radioactive hellholes is because the Nukes were detonated in the air. The radiation and fallout mostly blew away before it was able to touchdown inthe city.

Thats the reason why theres no massive fucking crater in the middle of either cities. When the americans dropped the nukes, they weren't aiming for absolute devastation. They aimed to kill as many people as possibly, while not wounding the land for a long time to come.

Its why there are a lot of survivors of the bomb and why the Japanese aren't a people of mutants (or struggling with a class of "mutants")

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