Scientists discover new gene that can temporarily switch off sperm in men allowing for male birth control pill

I don't know anything about child support laws, so I can't debate on that topic. My personal take is, fathers should be allowed to opt out completely and have zero involvement if they want (no parental rights, no visitation, and no child support). If they change their mind and want visitation, then they should also have to pay.

I think you are feeling frustrated by the lack of attention being given to a topic you feel strongly about. I apologize if I didn't show enough attention to something that means a lot to you. Like I said, I literally know nothing about it. It's not a thing I've experienced or even witnessed in my life.

With that said, please understand that my reply was for the exact same reason. Abortion rights are extremely important to me, so it's frustrating to see people downplay how much of an issue it really is.

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