Germany ends nuclear era as last reactors power down

Yeah their brilliant contributions such as:

The Molotov Ribbentrop pact *Occupation of the Baltic States, and the subsequent deportation of a huge part of the population to Siberia *The Winter War, and the genocide of the Karelian Finns *The annexation of Bessarabia from Romania and subsequent genocide [The deportation of ethnic Germans *from Russia](, who had nothing to do with the Nazis, to Central Asia after 1941 *Katyn Massacre *Declaring war on Bulgaria for no reason when they did everything they could to avoid war with Russia, despite Hitler forcing them into the axis *Forcing Finland and Hungary into *defensive wars, then using German support as an excuse to attempt to occupy them (they failed in the case of Finland) *Doing nothing to help the Warsaw Uprising, because they were loyal to the prewar government of Poland instead of the puppet Communist government the Soviets created in Moscow *The rounding of and execution of supporters of said prewar government *Raping their way across Eastern Europe, causing even other Communists to complain to Stalin *The Deportation of Soviet exiles in Europe and their families including children, mostly Ukrainian Cossacks, to be murdered in Russia, with the full cooperation of the US and Britain

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