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I mentioned in another thread how this all seems to be Northern Upper Caste Indians talking shit about just about everybody including the different states of India, particularly the south, and how they are the purest race on the planet. Despite that though they sure seem to ape Alt-Right rhetoric a lot. They perpetuate Western engendered Anti-EA and SEA stereotypes, including bizarrely enough making fun of Chinese for being math nerds. That one gave me cognitive dissonance just from how much I've seen Indian nationalists boast about having invented modern mathematics, and here these guys are using Math homework jokes for East Asians. They also bring up the small penis stereotype, even though White nationalists make fun of Indians a lot for that as well. Whatever, what I just want to say is that White worship really puts a doozy on us Asians sometimes. How are these Indians be proud of inventing Buddhism and having guided the entire civilization of South East Asia, while still being as Anti-Mongoloid as they are?

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