This bitch thinks she's so badass and then gets fucking BLASTED by a far better character.

You can’t seriously tell me season 2 Chrysalis and season 6-9 Chrysalis are the same. Like I said, she lost her voice effect (if you dunno what i mean by that just watch a video of her in the canterlot wedding and a video of her in any season 6-9 episode.) Especially in “the mean 6”, you can tell that she’s been absolutely turned into a cheap joke.

starlight, on the other hand, was badass in that scene. had she not been animated to slowly walk away for dramatic effect, she would’ve teleported out of there in an instant anyway. chrysalis can barely put up a fight and she’s no longer intimidating. if it wasn’t convenient for the plot, starlight would‘be been able to easily blast her to smithereens in a matter of milliseconds. starlight is just objectively better.

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