Bootstrap those bulbs

If you didn't feel like you needed to prove it, then why did you try to prove it with citations that didn't prove anything? Why didn't you just say that in the first place? Weird.

Also I just won a bet in another sub that after I called you pre-programmed you'd come back with the NPC meme. It's been just about the most predictable move on the internet since roughly a day after it popped up... what's even more ironic than you not being smart enough to understand why your shitty arguments don't back up your own narrative is the ultimate irony that you honestly believe that every conservative being given the prime directive to go forth and call everyone they disagree with an NPC, and then doing so literally without question, makes other people the brainwashed ones. Honestly, I miss the trolls from 10 years ago; they were assholes, but at least they weren't total fucking sheep.

And I'm not even a Democrat. Not that any of you guys are capable of enough nuance to understand that there are more ideologies out there than the two you've been conditioned to comprehend.

Next, please call me a cuck and tell me you don't have time for this right before you storm off and think about this in subdued anger for the next week. Or, since I said that, please tell me I'm insignificant to you and how you'd never give me a second thought.

Or maybe just do what we all know is really gonna happen and go grab your blankie and watch Dave Rubin while you suck your thumb. There's probably a new Direct Message out telling you exactly what things to say to people you argue with on the internet! Next time this happens you'll be ready!

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