It really be like that

I'm a libertarian. I hate all governments I've ever known. Even in a perfect ideal of communal governance under an anarchistic society where everyone is truly equal, I would still feel compelled to oppose the government's influence over my life. I feel compelled to resist all efforts by groups of people to control my life.

Just because a person falsely calls themselves a thing doesn't mean that they are that thing. Look at all the fascist Democrats who call themselves "liberal". Should we really refer to them as "liberal" when their destructive policies are actually anti-liberal? Same idea with "libertarians". When you come across a statist supporting an authoritarian government despite calling themselves "libertarian", and you repeat their falsehood, you're complicit in their deceit. When Hillary Clinton says she's "progressive", we laugh about the obvious deceit. We don't repeat her lies and help her fool people into thinking she's something she's not, and we shouldn't help authoritarians fool people into thinking they're libertarian either.

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