Brexit is starting to bite - that's why they want you to shut up

The main reason I voted to leave was immigration. I don't expect immigration to fall much from what we have now anytime soon, but I don't expect it to increase in line with what it had done, if we remained in the EU. I understand until recently, most immigration came from outside the EU, but there were even EU rules on this. With us out of the EU, I expect, in time, a proper immigration system to be introduced, and immigration to be lowered to around the 50k per year mark. The benefit will be that we will be in control of immigration, regardless if it rises or falls, government will have no excuse. I am thinking more for the country as a whole, I live in London, immigration will always exist here, but in other parts of the country, not to the levels we have seen in some areas.

The second reason was due due EU laws, I just don't like other countries or courts having influence on us. I am not saying the EU laws are bad, I just don't like it. I'd rather the UK controlled all of it's laws by its self. Ever closer union and so on were other factors, and which countries might join the EU later on.

I am in favour of some form of EU, but nothing like what it has become. It is regrettable it has come to this, but there was no choice after Cameron's so called deal. I am more European myself than I am British, I can even go and get an EU passport, but I will not, I voted to leave, I voted for the UK to be out, and I will stick with it, whatever the outcome. And it could all go wrong, I know that.

In ten years, I expect lower immigration, more jobs for the British, laws or changes to laws which better match the national interest, and a Britain which strives to go forward in the world. Equally I hope the EU is still around, and it is still working to the benefit of us all, but somehow I think it won't last, it will be gone within two decades, I see that anyway.

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