[Build Ready] Need Advice - Building a Gaming PC after 9 Years

Are you planning on overclocking? I'm assuming not since you'll be using the stock heat sink. Switch to the i5-4460 to save some money. Intel CPUs ending in k (i5-4690k, i7-4790k) mean that they're unlocked (overclockable). A Z series mobo is required to overclock. (H series is non-overclockable). I'd get a cheaper Z-series mobo if you want to SLI/Crossfire.

As for Nvidia vs AMD. AMDs new R9 390 is basically the equivalent for the same price, but with a lot more vram. I'd go with the R9 390 over the gtx 970 atm.

The R9 390 will do great at 1080p, you can probably make use of an 144hz monitor if the graphics are on high. Based on benchmarks with maxed settings though I only see 70-100fps. As for 1440p, I think a 144hz G-Sync monitor would be a waste with an R9 390. (Read up on benchmarks.) That being said the R9 390/Gtx 970 will give you much higher on less intensive games like CS:Go/LoL/Dota2. Look at this page if you're considering G-Sync monitors. The cheapest one at 1080p/144hz is $560, followed by $635, so be prepared for that. And just note that an equivalent monitor without G-Sync is about $360, so you're paying a large premium just for G-Sync. Whether that's worth it or not is up to you.

If you're looking for a good keyboard I recommend checking out /r/mechanicalkeyboards. Got my first one a few weeks ago and it's amazing. If you hate clicking sounds when you type, maybe it isn't for you, but worth checking out.

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