But he's batman

So kind of a big spoiler if you don't read the comics. I warned you.

Nic Fury. The old white dude version, before he died whispered something in Thor's ear that made him lose confidence in himself or whatever bullshit. He lost the ability to wield Mjölnir and the related thunder god powers. Yep, powers come from the hammer this time. Afterwards he was just a regular Asgardian. Sure he is much stronger than a human, but Batman owns a tank that drives itself so suck it Tesla.

As for the backstory on this...

>!A while back Marvel killed most of their major heroes who had a penis. I'm not joking either. Then the female duplicates came in and well it was a complete shitfest. You can read up on it, but basically Marvel executives tried to inject "diversity" like it was that simple.

It didn't end well. Both for the plots nor Marvel. DC on the other hand just promoted or made more comics with women as the lead characters. Which, while not all sold well, was way fucking better.!<

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