The original tweet is probably inappropriate for a lot of people but the insult made me laugh out loud

Pretty sick people believe that rumour.

It was created as propaganda against Islam. Also, I’m not religious btw just interested in it in the same way as mythologies are interesting to me and others. The difference between now and back then is that we consider someone an adult when they turn 18-21 depending on where you are. Whereas, back then they considered you an adult after puberty.

You also have to keep in mind, his society at the time didn’t keep a national birth registry (I’m sure you can figure out why) and birthdays weren’t celebrated, so no one really knew how old anyone was, it was just a guess they took.

Most historians agree Aisha was considered an adult at the time while still being young, and while puberty can hit as young as 9 this is extremely unlikely. A realistic guess at her age is 12-19 which is still young, but the norm at the time. No one had a problem or found the marriage weird at the time.

So, to suggest Muhammad was a pedophile is wrong and extremely insensitive, despite the fact that we consider someone an adult at a much older age. There’s a reason why suggesting this is not considered free speech in Europe.

And, to whoever claimed Muhammad was fucking her prior to the marriage, is wrong and anyone with a half a brain cell would figure out why pretty quickly. To all anyone who doesn’t know why, it’s extremely frowned upon to this day let alone back then, in the Middle East to have premarital sex.

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