Can my landlord do this?

I'm going to respectfully tell you that you don't know my landlord personally.

This is the guy who hasn't made repairs to giant holes in the floor for 3 years despite knowing about them. This is the guy who told us he can't afford to pay for pest control during a bedbug epidemic (but that's ok because it's SO HOT IN THIS APARTMENT, the best killed them off...) because he is in debt and one payment away from foreclosure.

We all know our landlord personally. He is as lazy and negligent as it comes, and he is an alcoholic who does a lot more talking than action. He is constantly in another state because he is trying to win back the wife who left him. The guy is what he is. I wish I were making this up about him

Otherwise, I understand protection of property. I understand having to pay for personally inflicted damage. Just saying. :)

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