Can’t sleep because of the financial stress and commitment

I think this is a good post because a lot of people are so eager to buy a home and think it will be cheaper than renting. In reality there’s a lot of expenses, risk, responsibility, and commitment to owning a home vs renting.

The economy can take a downturn and remain there for some time. It’s not always predictable to the average person when buying their home.

However this is why they say to buy when you are ready to do so and not time the market, to have a good long term plan, a home that you are content with, make sure you are content with your job, your marriage, having savings, are living within your means, and etc. Otherwise the home can become a ball and chain that drags you down.

No one can give advice on what to do except you, your spouse, and experts that you reach out to for help.

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