Canadian problems

I'm gonna go ahead and ramble about my slightly relevant morning. I live in brooklyn and was shoveling my neighbor's driveway (our driveways are feet from each other, I figured I might as well while I was out there). He came outside and yelled at me for shoveling snow into his yard (even though we live in brooklyn, we have tiny yards in front of our houses where most people would shovel the snow from the sidewalks). I didnt get it on his not-yet-shoveled path leading out his door or anything, just into the yard where he would shovel his own snow anyways. I said fuck it and left him to shovel his own crap.

I got yelled at a short time later while shoveling out a doctor's car. He's a friend and had to get ready in a hurry to go see a patient. I said I'd shovel out his car while he gets ready to speed things up for him, I wouldnt let him pay me anything in return since I really dont mind shoveling anyways. I was shoveling the show into another person's yard. I figured the first guy was just grouchy and crazy, most people wouldnt mind show being shoveled into their yard since that's where they are going to shovel their own snow, and the snow i was shoveling was right in front of his house. It's not like I was leaving him nowhere to shovel the snow from his sidewalk and pathway out his door, the yards aren't that small. There's plenty of room for the snow to be shoveled. The guy comes outside with a shovel as I was just about 3/4 finished, I was hopeful he would offer to help or something. Nope, he yells at me for shoveling snow into his property. Even though the snow was coming from right in front of his house. I was a bit grouchy myself at this point and told him i put it into his fucking yard, not the sidewalk and not near his pathway, and I told him hell, I'd even shovel the part of the sidewalk between the car and his house when I'm done. He throws some curses back and starts shoveling snow from his pathway (again, my little snow pile was a good couple feet from that path) right into the car. I said the car belongs to a doctor, and it needs to get out of here and I'll call the police if he keeps burying it. He responds with he's a detective and doesnt give a fuck who the guy is. I guess he thought I was trying to say the guy that owns the car has a high status or was a big shot or something, rather than say he needs to go save people's lives. I again said fuck it and left him to bury the car, figured he'd stop once I left anyways. I let the doctor know I got most of it dug out.

I dont really know proper shoveling etiquette, or why people were okay shoveling snow into their own yards but throw a fit if someone else shovels snow right in front of their property or even in their own damn driveway into their yards, but it sure did ruin my morning. From now on I'll just be shoveling my own crap and hope I dont somehow offend anyone when doing so.

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