there was a clever cleaner at work

We joke, but this is a serious thing. Pretty much every dude I've met in my life was, at some point, very concerned about the size of his tallywhacker.

When you realize your one-eyed Willie is on the high side of average trouser snakes, it does remove a lot of unnecessary stress. We joke about "angry men have small burrowing bishops", but... I mean it's just true in my experience. It's been uncomfortably, "I'm mad this stereotype was fucking true".

And a LOT of women have the same hang ups about the size of their Bahama Mamas, on both ends! It's bewildering to me, a fan of larger chesticles, when I meet someone with some impressive sweater meat who thinks other folks won't like them big.

TL;DR - everyone feels about about the size of their shit and maybe we should stop bullying people for shit they have zero ability to control???

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