Caroline Calloway 9/9-9/15

I don't think Roxanne's and other comments are inherently attacking Natalie. She called them both a "white girl journey."

And she's not wrong - because at the end of the day, Natalie is still a woman at a top university in the U.S. who made the decision to become a writer. Regardless of her work & overall ethics, her story therefore still looks like one of privilege. Then you add on top of that her self-proclaimed need to follow around someone so clearly toxic.

I do think Caroline & her stories have attracted an unfortunately high % of 14-year-old white girls. And I also think the racially critical comments take it too far. Like all of a sudden they all are just like "look at all the white people and their petty problems" - how much I can imagine that never being ok to say about another skin color for any reason.

But if you see comments that say Natalie "took the essay too far" or "omg how white are these problems" - consider it a compliment to Natalie and the amazingness... because there's literally nothing else to criticize but that she's thorough or her skin color.

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