Casino? Mall? Park? PC government seeking developers' ideas for redeveloping Ontario Place

Whatever the decision I hope it's made fast. Ontario Place has become an embarrassing eyesore.

The previous Liberal government had sought development proposals with the stipulation that there be no casino on the property, but the current parameters don't rule one out.

I'm partial to a casino. Not because I'm fan of gambling but because casinos are a cash cow.

"While I welcome this discussion and a push to revitalize Ontario Place, I remain opposed to any proposal that would see a casino established on the site," he said.

But why? Is the puritanical mindset of Toronto's cultural elites that influential? How many times are we going to hear the phrase "think of the children" if the government ultimately accepts a casino?

If you don't like weed don't smoke.

If you don't like casinos don't support them.

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