[Cat Ràdio] The Barça management are angry over the statements Carles Aleñà has made. They say that shirt number 21 was not promised to De Jong and they don’t understand why the player made this matter public.

Yes, I agree. So is adopting a successful foreign in in the first place. That was your main mistake, alongside hiring an incredibly poor English teacher.

Nope, it's remained exactly the same. I have expanded on it due to your inane questions.

You know what, you're right. I'm convinced. A Russian supporting REAL MADRID, saying the domestic cup is not a major competition and believing not winning the league for 4 long years is sticking with an unsuccessful team is a real fan. Do you hear yourself?

What braincells did you have for your grammar to be this retarded and your views to be this childish?

There have been several errors. Along with your awful grammar and inability to interpret sarcasm.

Why would I need to learn Russian? Countries learn English because it's the language of the major countries. Nobody needs Russian. The only countries to learn Russian are those that were enslaved by Stalin and the boys.

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