Caught in a bacon egg and chee lifestyle. Cant stop. How do I stop?

Discipline. You can't just eat good for a day, you can't just exercise hard once and stop for a month. You gotta be consistent, eat decent, exercise regularly, eventually it becomes habit instead of something you have to force yourself to do.

No processed sugars, only get sugar from fruits and raw honey. Raw honey is good for energy, gives you your sugar fix while also giving you shitloads of vitamins.

Banana slices covered in honey is a solid snack, you can put it on top of rice cakes if you want more substance.

Bacon egg and cheese can actually be a solid breakfast IF YOU WORK OUT. If you don't work out all that fat is just gonna clog your fucking arteries, but if you work out regularly it's ok, a little high in salt but if you aren't eating tons of salt every meal it is okay to have some bacon.

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