You get the chance to go back to any point and deliver the perfect comeback you didn't think of at the time. But: you have to relive your life again from that point. What comeback do you choose?

My Parents divorced when I was 13. My dad has held a really uncomfortable hatred towards my mother mom ever since. She didnt cheat, or steal, she was unhappy with him being manipulative and unqble to enjoy life.

Since then he has ostracized other members of my family. Saying he wishes my gay aunt “was just fucking dead with that fat dyke by her side” because of a money dispute. On top of that. His relationship with his kids (my brother and sister) is not doing great since his company is nothing short of toxic

He was going off the other say about how he will never forgive her for “tearing apart the family” I wish I told him he was doing that fine all by himself.

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