ChangeMyView: IBS-afflicted men know exactly what it feels like have birth contractions and (mild to severe) period cramps, therefore those with female SOs are lucky to have us as we can empathise on a visceral level.

Ah, sorry. Consider my view changed on the labour bit. I know what peristalsis is in the digestive system, I don't want to imagine what peristalsis refers to in the uterine/reproductive system.

Anyway, my post was sparked by a comment from a female doctor to a poster in the lactose intolerance sub:

I described my symptoms (years ago) to my doctor, who was a woman, and she said "you are one of the few men who knows what a period feels like". r/kanehau

I totally misread his post and thought the doctor had said contractions. I then added the period bit. I have read severally the period comparisons on this very sub.

Edit: crossposting my response to his comment:

I have IBS as well. I'm a 6'4" dad and I've been on all fours on my bed at 2AM doing lamaze breathing. And it comes in waves, and I then assume the position and start the lamaze breathing, before collapsing in a sweaty heap and awaiting the next round. I do not know how I found it out it but deep, measured breathing is far more effective at riding out the cramps than my previous response of closing my eyes, holding my breath, staying super-silent, and contracting every possible muscle in my body. Now I just look and sound like a prize heifer in labour, and it's so much better. Full disclosure: I used to think I'd discovered something new until I connected the dots.

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