I cheated on my diet! and proud of it...should I be?

The beautiful thing about counting calories is that you can have beer and wings without cheating if you plan ahead accordingly. I think that is what is important to understand when losing weight and especially when maintaining it: you can indulge, but not every day and at every meal. Counting calories has taught me that... the problem I see with programs like nutrisystem is that you don't learn that you're in control of what and how much you're putting in your body. Don't mean to sound rude, because I'm in the same boat, but if you ever go back off nutrisystem to eating 'normally', you'll gain back the weight because you've never learned how to portion control und count calories in the first place. And eating 'normally' is what got all of us fat in the first place :-/

Download MFP oder loseit, put down the calories you consume by eating nutrisystem meals so that you'll get a rough idea. Swap out a meal here and there. It really is worth it, even if it means a bit of extra work, weighing your food etc.

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