More boos for Dianne Feinstein from California’s left – do they signal 2018 trouble?

Some see her remarks as political missteps. Others say they are the latest evidence that Feinstein’s brand of politics is increasingly at odds with California’s changing Democratic Party. Experts say tectonic shifts have become clear over the past two years, as demonstrated by Bernie Sanders’ popularity and support for socially liberal issues like gay marriage and legal weed and recent increases in registered Democrats and independents. who identify themselves as liberal.

“That was a comment (about Trump) that a Democrat might make in Wyoming or Oklahoma, but not here. That guy is toxic here,” said Garry South, a Democratic strategist who has run several statewide campaigns.

“This was just a real moment of truth for a lot of Democrats about whether or not she gets it. The Democratic electorate has gotten more liberal, it’s gotten younger and it’s gotten far more diverse,” South added. “The ground has shifted underneath everyone’s feet, almost like a sudden earthquake, and whether she understands that or not I don’t know. It wasn’t evident from her comments the other night that she does.”

Way past time to replace these waffling old farts. We need young, courageous, progressive leadership.

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