Check out our Razer Cortex: Deals Mobile app and tell us what you think!

After Two weeks with Cortex Deals, I've found the scale to tip in the favor of mainstream, with no weight grounding the games of underdog developers to the attention of gamers looking for something fresh unique. Shedding light on this, I find that the the market DOES have games at great prices, when those interested are on the cheap-hunt. There are many classics, spin-off classics of beloved classics, and a few indie titles. However, though I am not attempting to alter the scope of the application, I WOULD like to see various sections to the application. Two sections in addition to the "Deals" category, perhaps an “Scavengers Picks”- for those who want to dip into the underground game market looking for abstract and up&coming titles - or an "Assorted Freshies Packs“ with the same concept as “Scavenger Picks” but bundles a few titles for a small percentage discount.

Ontheotherhand, the application is straightforward and intuitive, allowing bookmarking so that deals aren't missed. Comparing the prices of game between sites while in-app is very efficient so that external browsing is not necessary. More in depth integration w/ steam would be a major added benefit, allowing users to initiate remote downloads, via Cortex, of titles purchased through the cortex app. This is mentioned due to the lack of the consistency of the Steam app with some mobile devices and tablets, given that this remote function feature does not always prove viable.

Overall, the application is, functional, in my opinion. My expectations from such an app can’t possibly be set too high. In actuality, the last thing I would want from Cortex is for it to be any more in-depth/complex than its current state. Cortx provides the means of simply checking out what I can grab in range from a deal to a steal, with a few quick swipes and taps, a loading of the page, and a few scrolls.
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